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360's direct mail technology targets shoppers that we know are in the market to buy a vehicle in the next 90-120 days. This allows your dealership to more effectively reach the most important car buyers right in your area. We can use the same advanced technology to target service customers and boost your fixed ops.

Intelligent Tracking: 360's direct mail technology allows your dealership to track direct mail campaigns from printing to postal service updates when that piece of mail hits each AutoTarget's mailbox. For the first time, dealerships can track the path to purchase with offline direct mail marketing!

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Be there for every Customer eXperience Moment

Eventually the new car smell will wear off and your shoppers are left with their experience - both good and bad. A good experience creates loyal customers, and being there for every step of the car buying experience through enriched, tailored moments has never been more important. The 360CXM™ provides your sales team the exact data it needs to create fully custom experiences for its conquest and retention prospects and build better relationships.

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