Digital Retailing For
The Modern Dealership.

Change the way you interact with customers on your site and create a completely unique experience for each shopper with a consistent, online car buying process.

Digital Retailing for Auto Dealerships

With 360 AutoRetail™, elevate the path to purchase in a digital retailing world by bringing your CX full circle through a consistent, online car buying process. 360’s digital retailing technology integrates into your website to create a personalized experience for each customer while empowerIng them to complete their car buying transaction without ever entering the dealership.

What Does Good Digital Retailing Look Like?


Your digital retailing software should makes shoppers confident in their purchase while providing them with a personalized experience that makes them comfortable. AutoRetail™ gives consumers convenient features like price comparison and the ability to save deals to finish later. Give your customers the power to build their own deal with real pricing and payment options. Then feel confident when it’s time to close the deal and have the paperwork completed in minutes so your customers can leave excited and focused on their new ride.

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Customers create accounts and feel comfortable to explore their offers, compare options, and save deals knowing they can come back and begin the buying process at any time.

Give your customers access to a personalized dashboard to access their upgrade and financial offers, view and compare inventory, and service options with your dealership.

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VDP Screenshot

The features customers want to see in easy-to-access vehicle detail pages where they can begin the online shopping process or contact the dealership.


Custom 360Offers™ are sent
directly to autoTargets™

Real, custom offers are sent directly to your AutoTargets™ based on their vehicle interests so they can begin the purchasing process. Customers see your best price instantly and can communicate with your sales team in real-time.

Starting MSRP $59,990
Your Payments: $579/mo
Start Buying Process

Customers Can Build Their Own Purchase Options And Get Real Trade-In Value Through BlackBook™

The power and convenience of digital retailing is in the ability to allow consumers to customize their deal and see REAL pricing options and not just made up numbers. Integrated valuation of their trade-in through BlackBook lets them confidently build their deals and avoid any buyers remorse.

Automate the auto buying process with trade-in options.
Example of calculator
Automate the auto buying process and allow for accessorizing.


Shoppers can add accessories to their order so they can have everything they want when they pick up their vehicle.
Automate the auto buying process and offer warranties.


During the sales process, online or otherwise, it’s important to give your customers the opportunity to add protection plans or additional warranty.
Automate the auto buying process and offer credit approval.

Credit Approval

Convenient credit application process built into the digital retailing software.

Finalize your deal and choose your delivery method

Once the deal is finalized and the order is placed, the customer has the option to choose how they want to complete the deal and receive their vehicle. This convenience is something consumers will remember and tell their friends and family about.

Automate the auto buying process with trade-in buttons

Look At The Facts!

Some dealerships are seeing customers across income levels are using digital retailing tools if they enable an easier car buying process. Our AutoRetailing software gives dealerships a competitive edge by providing tools that allowing the user to begin and complete the car buying process. In an average month we’ve seen up to 50% of a dealership’s website visitors engage with the digital retailing tool.

With AutoRetail you can see more F&I profits, a higher closing ratio than a standard website, increased time on your VDPs, and faster closing times at the dealership.

Digital Retailing Is A Bold Decision But It Must Be Made.

Dealers, Don’t miss out on digital retailing!

Brick and mortar dealerships are always going to be an essential part of the car buying experience. Digital retailing is only a tool for you to use to drive more business through your doors.

Allowing shoppers to complete even just one step of the car buying process changes the customer experience drastically by giving them control and allowing them to shape their own experience.

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Be there for every Customer eXperience Moment

Eventually the new car smell will wear off and your shoppers are left with their experience - both good and bad. A good experience creates loyal customers, and being there for every step of the car buying experience through enriched, tailored moments has never been more important. The 360CXM™ provides your sales team the exact data it needs to create fully custom experiences for its conquest and retention prospects and build better relationships.

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