Empower Your Sales Team With CX Data That Creates Opportunities.

Make the most of your equity mining efforts by combining them with the power of 360Offers and create more sales opportunities. Reach more prospects with more effective, custom automated campaigns.

Digital Retailing for Suto Dealerships

Fully Utilize Your Equity Mining Results With The 360CXM.

Our 360 AutoMining™ technology integrates with your DMS to enrich the data you already have by incorporating the data we pull from our network of over 200 proprietary and public sources.

This comprehensive data is used across the entire 360CXM to build custom offers and campaigns around your real-time inventory to deliver a personalized, effective message to the car buyers in your area.

Find The Best Prospective Buyers For Your Campaigns Through The AutoTarget™ Score
Easily Find The AutoTargets™ You're Looking For With Intuitive Filters.

In our 360offers portal, you can compare custom upgrade and finance offers based on a prospect's vehicle interests. These are REAL offers our 360CXM creates based on current incentives, your inventory, and the prospects data. Your sales team can send these offers from within the portal directly to a prospect where they can begin the online car shopping process.

Turn Service Only Customers Into Equity Opportunities

With 360prequal your sales team won't have to rely on assumptions about a prospects credit score before contacting them. This software allows you to use soft pulls that don't affect a customers credit and gives your team a real number to bring to the conversation. Once you prequalify a customer, you can take advantage of our 360offers portal.

With HotTargets, our CXM will alert you through your existing CRM to the AutoTargets we identify as those most likely to buy. These up-to-date lists are automatically poulated by our software and are a powerful tool you'll only find in the 360CXM.

Track each AutoTargets™ journey through the sales process from within the 360CXM

Converting any lead into a sale takes communication and an attractive offer - with our AutoMining™ technology, you have both. Our 360outreach intergration allows you to contact prospects at their least sophisticated state so you can put your dealership's message in front of them before your competitors.

ringless voicemail



outbound calls
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Be there for every Customer eXperience Moment

Eventually the new car smell will wear off and your shoppers are left with their experience - both good and bad. A good experience creates loyal customers, and being there for every step of the car buying experience through enriched, tailored moments has never been more important. The 360CXM™ provides your sales team the exact data it needs to create fully custom experiences for its conquest and retention prospects and build better relationships.

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