360 AUTO's CEO gives CX Talk at 2020 Digital Dealer

Experience 360AUTO at Digital Dealer virtually in 2020! Join 360 Founder and CEO Frankie Russo in a virtual speaking session where he details why so many customers love to buy but hate to be sold.   Making an experience memorable in a digital retailing world is crucial for dealers and a positive experience rests on "enriched tailored moments".  

How do you adapt a customer experience journey that people will actually remember and tell their friends about?

In this session, you will be equipped with tools you need to elevate the path to purchase, empower your dealership's sales and BDC teams, and engage with the right buyers at the right times. 

Using that next-level data to engage potential customers with automated, highly customized one-to-one messages on all digital media platforms will increase your dealership’s lot visits, sales, and market share.

To learn more about how to enrich the customer experience, head over to Digital Dealer and register today!  You don't want to miss this event!

Once you register for Digital Dealer, be sure to visit the virtual 360AUTO booth  to take advantage of our conference deals and giveaways. We are excited to show you how 360CXM is developing a unique approach to the customer experience.  Grab a $100 Amazon gift card when you schedule a demo with one of our 360CXM specialists today! 

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Be there for every Customer eXperience Moment

Eventually the new car smell will wear off and your shoppers are left with their experience - both good and bad. A good experience creates loyal customers, and being there for every step of the car buying experience through enriched, tailored moments has never been more important. The 360CXM™ provides your sales team the exact data it needs to create fully custom experiences for its conquest and retention prospects and build better relationships.

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