LAFAYETTE, LA — April 3, 2019 — Lafayette’s Potenza Inc., a full-service marketing and advertising agency, is excited to announce the launch of 360°ia, an innovative MarTech company that specializes in marketing automation and business intelligence.

The new company, 360°ia, is built upon the success of Potenza’s 360°TM platform— a marketing automation and attribution platform originally launched in 2015 under the name ReturnFlightTM— which earned widespread attention and recognition from both clients and industry experts thanks to its unique ability to identify consumers who are in the market to buy specific products before they actually begin the purchasing process.

Potenza CEO and founder Frankie Russo believes 360°ia is where the future of marketing is headed.

“Intelligent automation— which is what the ‘ia’ in 360°ia stands for— is what today’s businesses need to thrive in highly competitive markets and climates where every advertising dollar must be accounted for,” he said.

As Russo explains it, new company 360°ia brings together an already powerful combination—Potenza’s award-winning 360°TM platform and its talented team of digital advertising specialists— then ups the ante, adding a uniquely-trained team of MarTech software experts to enhance the company’s unique approach. The result is an exceptional technology and media company for marketers.

“The power of 360°’s intelligent automation, combined with our digital marketing experts, will deliver incredible results for our users by connecting them with the people who are buying before they buy,” Russo said.

The 360°TM platform utilizes a proprietary data mining and scoring system to automate highly-customized marketing campaigns for each consumer while creating a multi-touch attribution profile to measure a more true ROI from our clients’ marketing and advertising efforts.

“Last year, we released 360°TM as a technology product. After seeing its early and clear success, we quickly realized that it made logical sense to take those enhancements and create a new company built on our existing software and our digital ad agency,” said Russo. “As the objectives of 360°ia became clear, we knew that if we wanted to maximize our effectiveness, we could not run 360°ia under the same company as Potenza’s traditional ad agency model,” he continued. “The platform, and now the company, will help our business users grow their business and minimize wasted marketing costs, all while being able to pinpoint which campaigns are delivering their best ROI.”

In 2018, Potenza’s 360°TM platform, won an AWA Award (Automotive Website Award) for best in class Marketing Automation. 360°ia, will maintain offices in Lafayette, LA and Visakhapatnam, India.

For more information, contact Kayli Guidry at 337-408-3254, ext. 1015 or [email protected].

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