Meet the car buyers in your neighborhood.

Your GPS for Finiding Auto Intenders Before Your Competitors Find Them!

Car Buyers

In-Market, Existing

High-Propensity Inbound

Car Buyers

In-Market, Existing

High-Propensity Inbound

AutoTargets™ are auto intenders in and around your dealership you may not have been able to previously reach. AutoTargets™ are great conquest opportunities for your dealership. AutoTargets™ may also been customers you have previously served or they can be inbound leads found through your marketing efforts that we score based through our proprietary AutoTargeting System.



Consumer Attributes

Gender, Household income, Children, Homeownership, Home value, Length of residence, Number of vehicles per household

Vehicle Identities

Auto Make, Model, Year, VIN, First Seen Date, Last Seen Date

Vehicle Attributes

Vehicle Class Code, Fuel Code, Manufacturer Code, Style, Mileage

in-market score

On a scale of 0-100, this score rates the likelihood that a
given person will buy these products in the next 90 days.


  • Real Estate Deeds & Property Data
  • Point-of-Sale/Purchasing Transactions
  • Vehicle Sales & Service Information
  • Surveys & Interest

Customer Pays Maintenace Repair Orders After Free Maintenance Period

Shows Loyalty to the dealership and Make

Recent Interactions with the Individual Dealer's Online Inventory

Customer Pays Repair Orders After Waranty Period

Tiered Vehicle Volume Modifier

Tiered Equity Modifier

Relevant Behavioral Data Points That Imply In-Market Status


One Score to rule them all.

Don’t just find out if they will buy a vehicle that you sell, find out if they will buy it from you!

The AutoTarget Score™ is the most important component of the 360 Auto Marketing Automation. This score is the most accurate predictor of automobile buyer intent and engagement in the market today. 360's AutoTarget™ technology allows dealerships to know who is going to buy vehicles in their area before they start the buying process.

AutoTarget™ scoring is the first prospect scoring system that individualizes the scoring of the prospect for individual dealerships. By using our intelligent data sourcing, we are able to resolve consumer identity, use behavioral data, determine basic in-market windows, and use our proprietary AutoTarget™ modifiers to score prospects' propensity to buy from individual dealerships.

Our proprietary scoring system uses previous purchase history as well as
modifiers that include, but are not limited to:

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Be there for every Customer eXperience Moment

Eventually the new car smell will wear off and your shoppers are left with their experience - both good and bad. A good experience creates loyal customers, and being there for every step of the car buying experience through enriched, tailored moments has never been more important. The 360CXM™ provides your sales team the exact data it needs to create fully custom experiences for its conquest and retention prospects and build better relationships.

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